Image: Child with braces

Our family of patients is composed of people who come directly to us as well as referrals from other dentists, physicians and specialists. Modern braces for adults and children are available. In addition, as a university care center we also have active interdisciplinary programs and provide comprehensive care for orthognathic surgery patients, cleft palate patients and craniofacial growth problems.

All modern techniques are practiced and the one best suited for your treatment will be recommended. Electronic digital records are a routine part of our operation. Therefore, we can access all of your orthodontic records for reference both during and following treatment.

As a patient in our Orthodontic practice, we want all patients to feel at ease. We have designed the practice with the patient in mind. The Orthodontic practice is a state-of-the-art facility located in the Lyons Building within the School of Dentistry. The program strives for a private practice setting using up-to-date techniques and equipment.